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19 September 2017 |

HRC 36: Secure digital communications are essential for human rights

HRC 36: Secure digital communications are essential for human rights A joint statement by the Association of Progressive Communications, IFEX and 64 co-signatories at the UN-HRC 36 warns of the threat to human rights posed by recent attacks on the right to use encryption technology, in Turkey and across the globe.
1 April 2015 |

Groups warn of sweeping powers new French law would grant spy agencies

Groups warn of sweeping powers new French law would grant spy agencies
The introduction of this law only two months after the Charlie Hebdo tragedy is seen as an attempt to broaden surveillance powers under the guise of preventing terrorism.
31 January 2013 |

Media freedom groups urge UK Parliament to reject statutory control of press

Members of the Coordinating Committee of Press Freedom Organizations call upon the Members of the British Parliament to reject any form of statutory control or any other legislation concerning regulation of the British press, following the release of the Leveson Report in November 2012.
1 August 2012 |

UK Foreign Secretary urged to address repression of free speech in UAE

In an open letter to the foreign secretary, rights organisations point to the intimidation campaign against peaceful political activists.
24 July 2012 |

Exports of surveillance technology spark legal action

Exports of surveillance technology spark legal action Privacy International is pressuring the government to ban exports of British surveillance technologies to regimes that routinely engage in internal repression and serious human rights abuses.
11 May 2012 |

Queen announces defamation reform bill

The bill, which will curb aggressive libel lawsuits and protect free expression for journalists, writers and scientists, is the first wholesale attempt at reform since 1843.
8 May 2012 |

CPJ calls on Cameron to address journalists' security in upcoming meetings

CPJ data show that the country has been ranked the deadliest in the world for journalists for two consecutive years.
24 April 2012 |

Journalists regularly barred from immigrant detention centres, campaign shows

As the month-long campaign "Open the doors! We have the right to know" comes to a close, RSF and its partners attempt to shine a light on the conditions of migrants in detention facilities across Europe.
26 January 2012 |

RSF releases press freedom index for 2011/2012

The Arab world was the motor of history in 2011 but the Arab uprisings have had contrasting political outcomes so far, with Tunisia and Bahrain at opposite ends of the scale.
13 September 2011 |

RSF protests President Kagame's visit to Paris

RSF activists demonstrated outside the Hotel Ritz in Paris, where Kagame was scheduled to have breakfast with a delegation of French businessmen, in protest against his visit to France.
26 August 2011 |

ARTICLE 19 calls for repeal of 100-year-old Official Secrets Act

The Act gives authorities broad powers to make information secret and prosecute those who release it without authorisation.
18 August 2011 |

Government urged not to undermine news media

CPJ urges the U.K. to distance itself from responses taken in repressive countries to social unrest and instead, reaffirm its historical commitment to freedom of expression and of the press.
11 July 2011 |

Proposed sale of tanks to repressive regime sends wrong signal, says Human Rights Watch

Germany is considering a deal to sell tanks to Saudi Arabia despite the latter's dismal human rights record, including severe restrictions on freedom of expression.
6 May 2011 |

IFJ supports photojournalists' fight against arbitrary ban in London

London-based photographers staged a Flashmob outside City Hall to denounce arbitrary restrictions on their work in a city where the banning of photography in many public spaces is enforced by private security guards.
19 April 2011 |

Digital switchover may not encourage pluralistic media landscape, IPI warns

IPI is also concerned that current defamation laws encourage self-censorship.
25 February 2011 |

Libel tourism case dismissed, a victory for freedom of expression

ARTICLE 19 welcomes a High Court decision to dismiss the defamation claim brought by the Ukrainian businessman Dmytro Firtash against the "Kyiv Post", an independent Ukrainian newspaper.
10 February 2011 |

Spain must press Cuba to keep promises to free journalists, says CPJ

Three months have passed since the November 2010 deadline for Cuban authorities to free the remaining dissidents.
23 December 2010 |

Following mission, IPI launches press freedom report

Political influence and conflicts of interest are key issues, says the organisation
10 December 2010 |

Ahead of Assad's visit to France, RSF urges Sarkozy to address free expression situation in Syria

Assad has often spoken of political openings since taking office in 2000, but reforms are at a standstill, RSF said.

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