Our Staff

The IFEX Secretariat, based in Toronto, Canada, runs the day-to-day operations of the network. The work of the Secretariat amplifies the reach and impact of IFEX member voices, develops strategies to build on the actions and campaigns of IFEX members and regional networks, and offers opportunities for members to build skills and knowledge through resources, networking and convenings such as the IFEX Strategy Conference.

Secretariat Staff

Annie Game
IFEX Executive Director

Rachael Kay
IFEX Deputy Executive Director

Funding and Strategy Development

Melissa Fuerth
Director of Funding and Strategy Development

Adelaide Anuseh
Funding and Strategy Development Specialist

Management Systems and Operations

Ban Jirjis
Programme Support Administrator

Sandra Goncalves
Financial and Office Systems Administrator

Eric Pires
Projects Specialist


Elizabeth Rivera Rivas
Communications Director

Leslie de Freitas
Head of Communications & Editorial

Erin Woycik
Content Specialist

David Christopher
Media Specialist

Iram Partap
Multimedia Content Creator

Reyhana Masters
Regional Editor – Africa

José Peralta
Regional Editor – Americas

Mong Palatino
Regional Editor – Asia & Pacific

Cathal Sheerin
Regional Editor – Europe & Central Asia, International

Joey Ayoub
Regional Editor – Middle East & North Africa

Network Engagement

Hailey Froese
Head of Network Engagement

Matt Redding
Network Engagement Specialist

Viviana Ordoñez
Network Engagement Coordinator

Matt Hatfield
Network Engagement Coordinator

Ghina Dajani
Network Engagement Coordinator

Milad Monfared
Network Engagement Coordinator