Yemen: Ongoing targeting of journalists and restrictions on press freedom

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Yemen: Grave human rights violations persist amidst conflict

Human rights defenders are targeted with arrests and harassment for their work, as citizens face unfair trials and executions.

Taiz, Yemen, 2 January 2021. Journalists and mourners hold placards and banners during the funeral of TV reporter Adeeb al-Janani who was killed in an attack on the airport in Aden, AHMAD AL-BASHA/AFP via Getty Images

Displaced and exiled: Yemeni journalists navigate a dangerous media environment

In one of the deadliest countries for journalists, Yemeni journalists displaced by the ongoing conflict speak to the Committee to Protect Journalists on the struggles of reporting on their country through displacement and exile.

Yemen: Seeking justice for Aden airport attack

The Gulf Centre for Human Rights calls on authorities to hold to account the perpetrators of the attack on Aden International Airport that left at least 25 dead, including Yemeni journalist Adeeb Al-Janani.