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26 July 2012 |

ANHRI welcomes right to information law

Yemen is the third Arab country to pass a law that addresses this human right.
7 June 2012 |

Provincial reporter given one-year jail sentence over Facebook post

Majed Karout was tried over a composite photo posted on Facebook by another person on 18 February 2011 in which Karout was tagged. It implied that the head of the Al-Bayda branch of the state communications agency was involved in corruption.
31 May 2012 |

Journalists face ongoing threats three months after new president's installation

Two unidentified gunmen fired shots at the doors and windows of editor Adnan Al-Ajam’s home in Aden, possibly prompted by his newspaper’s coverage of corruption.
22 May 2012 |

Journalists face ongoing threats, assaults

Hissam Ashour survived an apparent murder attempt on 16 May, the third such incident he's faced after writing about corruption in the provincial pension fund.
16 May 2012 |

Two journalists face trial for covering uprisings

The government of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh filed a case against the two journalists in June 2011, claiming they broke the law by broadcasting news of the uprising after the government pulled Al-Jazeera's accreditation. Despite the Ministry of Information having withdrawn the charges, the Press and Publications Court has chosen to revive the case.
7 May 2012 |

Yemen: Detained, Tortured, and Disappeared

For Immediate Release
4 May 2012 |

Journalists attacked; newspaper harassed

Anwar al-Bahri was beaten by unidentified men, reportedly belonging to the country's most influential tribal group,the al-Armar family, who stormed into his home in the capital, Sana'a.
12 April 2012 |

Armed men attack journalist in Sana'a

Muhammad al-Maqaleh was assaulted by armed men affiliated with a tribal group while visiting the defense minister, who was unable to stop the assault as he had no authority over the men.
16 March 2012 |

Threats and arson attacks on media in the south of the country

Police and anti-terrorism personnel threatened AFP stringer Fawaz Mansour Al-Haidari in Mansoura, in the southern governorate of Aden, while conducting a raid on his home.
2 March 2012 |

New president urged to guarantee media freedom

Among other concerns, RSF highlights the need to abolish the special tribunal for media offences, which serves to gag journalists.
21 February 2012 |

BBC correspondent attacked three times in past year

Abdullah Ghorab was covering a protest in Sana'a when he and his two brothers were attacked by a group of men carrying knives and batons, the BBC reported.
16 February 2012 |

Release imprisoned journalist, says CPJ

Abdulelah Hider Shaea has started a hunger strike to protest his continued detention and his relatives are concerned about his deteriorating health.
8 February 2012 |

Journalists receive death threats; news media attacked

Four journalists and activist bloggers are currently under threat from a fatwa issued at the start of February by senior clerics which explicitly calls for their deaths and for the closure of the newspapers and websites that carried their articles.
6 February 2012 |

IFJ warns press freedom remains under siege after threats against editor

Supporters of former president Ali Abdullah Saleh surrounded the offices of "Althawra" newspaper after editor Yassine Al Massoud removed the photo of the former head of state from the front page.
11 January 2012 |

Witnesses in "Al-Ayyam" case turn against prosecution

One of the witnesses testified that the Central Security Forces were headed by outgoing President Ali Abdallah Saleh's nephew, while additional prosecution witnesses failed to appear in court.
4 January 2012 |

IFJ calls for an end to the harassment of journalists

Journalists at the "26 September" newspaper have recently faced arbitrary dismissals and threats of punishment, including jail, for opposing financial and administrative corruption at the newspaper, and went on strike, demanding major changes to the newspaper's future status.
29 December 2011 |

Journalists attacked during protests

At least eight journalists were attacked on 24 and 25 December by armed forces loyal to outgoing President Ali Abdullah Saleh.
27 December 2011 |

Security forces loyal to President Saleh continue to kill civilians with impunity

On 24 December, the Republican Guard fired teargas canisters and live ammunition at protesters, killing at least seven and injuring many others.
25 November 2011 |

Concern over new attacks on protesters in defiance of UN order

Witnesses told Human Rights Watch that pro-government gunmen killed at least five anti-Saleh protesters who were participating in a peaceful march on 24 November in Sanaa.
3 November 2011 |

Media workers caught in clashes between loyalist troops and opposition forces

Jamal Ezz Al-Din barely escaped an attempt on his life while he was reporting on an opposition rally in Sanaa on 20 October, accompanied by cameraman Taha Al-Muammari.

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