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10 July 2012 |

IPI welcomes launch of Zambia Media Council

After three years of negotiations, the voluntary self-regulation body was finally launched.
1 May 2012 |

Supporters of former ruling party jailed for assaulting TV crew

Abram Banda, Cephas Phiri, and Use Mukalipi, were jailed for three years with hard labour for committing aggravated robbery on a television crew from the privately-owned Muvi TV.
14 December 2011 |

Harassment by US embassy security prompts boycott threat by local journalists

In a petition delivered to US Ambassador Mark Storella,journalists complained of physical and verbal abuse by embassy security.
2 December 2011 |

Journalists assaulted

Journalists were verbally and physically assaulted when they attempted to cover a hearing in a court case involving a former minister of labour and social security.
28 November 2011 |

Government pledges to implement freedom of information bill

The Minister of Information, Broadcasting and Tourism said the law, once implemented, will contribute in changing the culture of secrecy that characterises Zambian public institutions.
7 October 2011 |

Journalist concerned over false reports of his arrest

The Zambian Watchdog news website, for which reporter George Zula works, is under investigation for allegedly leaking an e-mail that had serious political consequences.
26 September 2011 |

Injunction on private media houses lifted

As election results are expected, IPI calls on future government to respect press freedom.
26 September 2011 |

"Zambia Daily Mail" crew attacked

The three-person news crew and driver were violently assaulted as they were covering elections in the Kanyama constituency.
21 July 2011 |

Ruling party members charged in TV crew attack

Dainess Nyrienda, Annita Kalwani, Emmanuel Kaluba, and Edward Ntele were assaulted by a crowd of MMD supporters while investigating allegations of illegal land seizures by party cadres in Nakachenje.
25 May 2011 |

IPI urges government to stop stalling on self-regulation

Despite recent promises, the government is trying to control the flow of information ahead of elections, IPI says.
25 April 2011 |

Government threatens to revoke radio stations' operating licences

The government has warned that it will revoke operating licences of all radio stations airing political campaign songs before the date of the tripartite elections is announced.
19 April 2011 |

Opposition party supporters attack state media journalists

In one incident, camera operator Cuthbert Miti was surrounded, beaten and pushed around by a mob which attemped to confiscate his camera equipment.
11 April 2011 |

IPI welcomes progress towards self-regulation

The vice president said the government does not want statutory regulation for the time being.
23 February 2011 |

Opposition leader disrupts editorial meeting, threatens editors

The leader of the Patriotic Front, Michael Sata, threatened editors at the "Zambia Daily Mail" over a story the newspaper published about him.
15 February 2011 |

Government refuses to allow community radio station to go back on air

The government will not re-open Radio Lymabai until investigations into its alleged involvement in the broadcast of seditious materials are completed.
20 January 2011 |

Police record statement from station manager over alleged broadcast of seditious material

Radio Lyambai Assistant Station Manager Nyambe Muyumbana, who was arrested and detained for allegedly running seditious material, was released on bail.
19 January 2011 |

Radio station effectively closed; "Post" newspaper journalist detained

Security forces reportedly seized a console and two computers from Radio Lyambai, halting the station's operations, IPI sources said.
29 November 2010 |

Opposition party supporters threaten to kill "Post" reporter

According to "The Post", supporters of the United Party for National Development (UPND) were bitter about the manner in which the newspaper had been covering the party.
29 November 2010 |

Authorities threaten to revoke radio station's licence

Radio Lyambai denied allegations that it was planning to host an opposition leader to discuss a controversial issue on one of its programmes.
15 November 2010 |

Victory for two journalists as political supporter jailed for assault

MMD youth chairperson Chris Chalwe was sentenced to one year in prison with hard labour for common assault.

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