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Link to: Five detained “Al Istiqlal” journalists remain in detention

**Updates IFEX CH alerts dated 15 March and 28 February 1995** The IFJ reports that five of the six journalists from the weekly newspaper “Al Istiqlal” arrested in an 8 February raid remain in prison. They are: Atiyeh Abu Mansour, Khaled Sadeq, Nahed Kutkut, Muhammad Sayyad, and Zakariya Madhun. Izaddine Sharif is no longer in […]

Link to: APS news agency correspondent arrested

Abdelkader Hadj Benaamane, the Tamanrasset correspondent for the official news agency Algerie Presse Service (APS), was arrested over ten days ago and is being held in a prison in the region of Tamanrasset. Charges have not yet been officially brought against Abdelkader Hadj Benaamane, but seem to be in connection with an internal wire written […]

Link to: Publisher of “Filastin” Taher Shriteh’s home raided in Gaza

Early on the morning of 13 April 1995, 20 members of Force 17, the personal guard unit of Yasser Arafat, raided the Gaza home of Taher Shriteh, publisher of the independent weekly “Filastin” and a stringer for Reuters and CBS News. They did not find Shriteh and proceeded to beat his brothers Fakher, Amer, and […]

Link to: Raid on offices of Gaza newspaper; 3 journalists detained for several hours

On 13 April 1995, officers with General Intelligence raided the Gaza offices of “Al-Watan”, a pro-Hamas weekly newspaper, and detained three journalists with the paper. The officers severely beat deputy editor Ghazi Hamad in the course of the arrest, local sources told the CPJ. Hamad, editor-in-chief Sayed Abu Musameh, and reporter Nafez al-Ji’b were held […]

Link to: Three journalists arrested

Alaa al-Masharawy, a reporter for the Jerusalem-based “Al-Quds” daily newspaper, was detained by Palestinian police on 9 April at the Erez checkpoint near the border with Israel. Also on 9 April, police arrested Muhammad Jahjouh, a freelance cameraman, at his home in the Shatti refugee camp. On 10 April, members of Military Intelligence detained cameraman […]

Link to: Arrests and attacks on journalists during events in Gaza

Several journalists were reportedly beaten by soldiers after two anti-Israeli attacks in Gaza on 9 April 1995. At least three of the journalists were held and questioned by soldiers. They are Shlomi Eldar, of Israeli State Television; Najib Abu Djubein, a cameraman for the Associated Press news agency; and Muhammad Daoudi, a Worldwide Television News […]

Link to: “Al Nahar” correspondent arrested in Gaza

Taher al-Nounou, Gaza correspondent for the East Jerusalem daily “Al Nahar”, was arrested by Palestinian police on 5 March 1995, reports RSF. He is accused of have “spread false information.” Tahar al-Nounou had written an article affirming that the 2 April explosion which killed Hamas militants could have been caused by a time bomb, a […]

Link to: Journalist Makhlouf Boukhezar killed

Makhlouf Boukhezar, a journalist with the Algerian state television network ENTV, was killed in his home in Constantine overnight from 3 to 4 April 1995. His attackers, who passed themselves off a police officers, slashed the journalist’s throat. According to RSF, Makhlouf Boukhezar death brings the total of journalists killed in Algeria since May 1993 […]

Link to: Television journalist Rachida Hammadi dies of her wounds; CPJ confirms total of journalists killed since May 1993 at 36

**Updates IFEX CH alert dated 20 March 1995** Algerian State Television (ENTV) reporter Rachida Hammadi, who was seriously wounded in a 20 March 1995 attack that killed her sister, died of her wounds overnight on 30 March in a hospital in Paris, to which she had been transferred on 26 March. The Armed Islamic Group […]

Link to: Ban lifted on “La Tribune”

**Updates IFEX CH alert dated 6 March 1995** RSF confirms the lifting of the ban on the French-language daily “La Tribune”; the newspaper resumed publication on 8 March. The daily was banned on 5 March by order of the Minister of the Interior.

Link to: Journalist Mohammed Zaaf and son remain in detention; further details on arrest

**Updates IFEX CH alert dated 17 January 1995** Mohammed Zaaf, a correspondent for the Italian news agency ANSA who was arrested with two of his sons on 14 January 1995 and accused of “harbouring a known islamic militant,” remains in detention. After being held for questioning on 14 January (see IFEX alert), Mohammed Zaaf was […]

Link to: Journalist Ahmed al-Seweifi refused entry

On 20 February 1995, Ahmed al-Seweifi, a journalist with the bi- weekly “Al-Chaab”, was refused entry to Saudi Arabia when he arrived at the airport in Jiddah. Ahmed al-Seweifi, who arrived from Cairo with his wife, had obtained the proper visa from the Saudi embassy in Cairo. The authorities in Jiddah, however, said that he […]

Link to: Weekly “La Nation” suspended

The Algerian Ministry of Communications suspended the weekly “La Nation” “until further notice” on 31 January 1995. A faxed notice was sent to the newspaper’s printer. The week before, minister Mohammed Benamar Zerhouni had said that he “reserved the right to use all available measures…against” the newspaper, after it published a letter said to have […]

Link to: Sheikh Al-Ali, writer on Islamic law, reportedly detained; home searched and books seized

Gulf States human rights monitors report that Sheikh Al-Ali, the author of a number of books on Islamic law, was arrested on 16 January 1995 and that his home was searched and books seized. Arabic newspapers suggest he may have been arrested for the expression of his views on Islam, or for his criticism of […]

Link to: Journalists Nizar Nayyuf and Jadi Nawfal enter fourth year in prison

SOURCES: CDF, AI, ICJ, Human Rights Watch/Middle East, various Syrian journalist Nizar Nayyuf was arrested in January 1992 after his wife and three-year-old daughter were reportedly arrested in his place a few weeks earlier. He and fellow journalist Jadi Nawfal are among members of the banned Committee for the Defence of Democratic Freedoms and Human […]

Link to: Journalist Jaouhari Sahnoun dies in custody

Journalist Jaouhari Sahnoun died in a Tunis hospital on 25 January. He worked for “al-Fajr”, the pro-al-Nahda newspaper, and was a former member of the board of directors of the Tunisian League of Human Rights. Sahnoun had been arrested on 23 March 1991 and was sentenced in the mass al-Nahda military trials of 1992 to […]