An alliance of IFEX members promoting and defending the right to freedom of expression in Latin America and the Caribbean.


From Mexico to Argentina to Trinidad and Tobago, the 24-member IFEX-ALC is composed of a diversity of organizations from throughout the entire region with the common purpose of defending and promoting freedom of expression. The alliance has been supporting members’ individual and collective efforts in the Latin America/Caribbean region for several years, leading to an impressive track record of mobilizing political will and getting results on key freedom of expression issues in the region.

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Civil society networks unite to defend civic space in Venezuela

We call on the international community to actively support all efforts to prevent this and other similar legislation from proliferating in the region

Tragic year for the press in Latin America: Organizations in the region call on states to create conditions for violence-free journalism

As conditions worsen for the practice of journalism in the region, civil society organizations have identified four worrying trends.

IFEX-ALC network calls on Bolivian government to protect the independent press and cease its financial pressure on Cochabamba newspaper Los Tiempos

The IFEX-ALC network urges the government of Bolivia to defend and guarantee freedom of expression and freedom of the press; and to refrain from using the state’s power to pressure or penalize media outlets, as is happening with the Cochabamba newspaper Los Tiempos.

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Help break the chain: don’t become a channel for disinformation!

Monday 28 September is the International Day for Universal Access to Information, and IFEX-ALC — the alliance of IFEX members in Latin America and the Caribbean — has launched a new campaign to encourage critical thinking among users of messaging services and social media platforms.

Although disinformation has always been with us, the rise in popularity of these services and platforms has allowed rumours to spread to a much wider audience in a much shorter time.

Check out this op-ed by Alejandro Delgado, president of IFEX-ALC’s Coordinating Committee, for practical advice on how to spot disinformation, and the importance of checking the source and accuracy of information before sharing it.

Digital Security for Journalists Campaign

For journalists covering sensitive issues in Latin America and the Caribbean, digital security is a must. However, in a recent survey conducted by IFEX-ALC members, journalists working in the region reported a lack of awareness and use of digital security practices. IFEX-ALC network’s campaign aims to change this by improving journalists’ ability to protect themselves online through the strategic promotion of digital security tools and practices.