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International Women’s Day: Stories of progress and challenges in online civic spaces

Online spaces can provide opportunities for marginalized groups to connect and express themselves, but they have also become sites of harassment and surveillance, limiting access to information and resources. The burden of staying safe online often falls on those who have been targeted for abuse.

On International Women’s Day, IFEX Regional Editors share stories from their regions about steps being taken to balance safety and freedom online. These efforts include Colombia’s new legislation to combat digital violence, Pakistan’s Digital Rights Foundation mobilizing women to speak out, and the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights introducing a resolution aimed at making online spaces safer for women. The stories also shed light on Palestinian women facing surveillance and harassment online and North Macedonia’s “double-victimization” of women journalists.

Check out the full set in English on our website. The MENA regional brief is also available in Arabic, the Americas in Spanish, and the Europe and Central Asia in Spanish and in French.