Promoting and defending freedom of expression as a fundamental human right

IFEX is a diverse, worldwide network of over 100 non-governmental organisations that advocates for the free expression and access to information rights of all.

Civic space is wherever people organize, participate, protest, or communicate with each other to influence the political and social structures around them. Protecting it is our highest priority.

What is civic space?

Press Freedom and Civic Space

On this World Press Freedom Day, let’s think about our information climate, where the media fit in, and what this means for the rest of us. 

Journalists provide essential access to reliable, accessible, and accurate information that helps us all make the decisions that shape our lives – and the societies we live in. They also work to counter the scourge of disinformation that often escalates during times of crisis.

The media’s important work defending information integrity is often carried out alongside and with support from civil society organisations, and it is needed now more than ever to protect civic space from the escalating assaults on it. 

To protect civic space, we must demand press freedom.