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Hungary: Constraining media freedom, undermining access to information

“The Hungarian government’s interference with media freedom and pluralism, part of its systematic attack on the rule of law, obstructs the work of independent journalists in holding the authorities to account and prevents the public from accessing information” – HRW

Egypt: Court punishes activists for challenging al-Sisi

Prison sentences aim at deterring peaceful dissent.

Greece: Rule of law under threat, media freedom deteriorating

Rights groups and press freedom organisations call on the European Commission to take immediate action to address the deterioration of media freedom and the rule of law in Greece and its impact on fundamental rights.

Spyware targets Human Rights Watch staff in Jordan

Over 30 journalists, activists, politicians also among Pegasus targets.

Senegal: Pre-election crackdown

The crackdown on the opposition, media, and civil society intensifies ahead of Senegal’s polling day.

Gaza: World Court orders Israel to prevent genocide

“Lives hang in the balance, and governments need to urgently use their leverage to ensure that the order is enforced.”

UN Cybercrime Convention must not become a tool to undermine international human rights standards

Signatories stress that the Convention should only move forward if it pursues a specific goal of combating cybercrime without endangering the human rights and fundamental freedoms of those it seeks to protect, nor undermining efforts to improve cybersecurity for an open internet.

Rights groups call on Kyrgyzstan to cease persecution of independent media

“The Kyrgyz authorities should drop criminal cases of ‘war propaganda’ and ‘calls to mass disorder’ initiated against several independent media outlets,” eight human rights groups said.