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Ukraine: Russian forces kidnap three Kherson bloggers and force them to ‘apologise’ on video

One of those abducted is Olena Naumova, a Kherson kindergarten teacher and TikTok blogger who had been kidnapped by the Russian military on 23 August and released on 6 September. Her son says she disappeared again on 19 September.

Russia has committed 435 crimes against the media in Ukraine

In the first six months of the war in Ukraine, Russian forces have killed a total of 37 journalists, eight of whom died in the course of their work. Another fourteen have been injured and four are considered missing.

Russia has committed 428 crimes against the media in Ukraine

As of 24 July, the Russian military have killed a total of 36 journalists in Ukraine, 8 while they were reporting. Fourteen journalists have been injured and four are missing.

IMI media expert forced to leave Warsaw due to threats

After dousing the Russian ambassador in fake blood during a protest against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Iryna Zemlyana was doxxed on Russian Telegram channels and received several threats to rape and kill her.

Russian forces carried out 243 attacks on media in Ukraine in first two months of war

According to the Institute of Mass Information, as of April 24, seven journalists had been killed while carrying out their professional duty, nine had been injured, and at least 15 were missing.

Russia committed 148 crimes against the press in the first month of its invasion of Ukraine

As of 24 March, five journalists had been killed, one had gone missing and at least six had been kidnapped. Approximately 70 regional media outlets had also been forced to shut down as a result of Russia’s offensive against Ukraine.

Reporters Without Borders and the Institute of Mass Information open Lviv Press Freedom Centre

The Lviv Press Freedom Centre aims to be a reception and distribution hub for protective equipment for journalists, particularly bulletproof vests and helmets. This physical and digital centre will also provide resources to journalists seeking financial or psychological assistance.

Kem Ley, 4 June, 2016, AP/ASSOCIATED PRESS

Pressure mounts on Cambodia a year after Kem Ley’s killing

On the one-year anniversary of the death of popular Cambodian activist Kem Ley, civil society organisations from around the world reiterated their call for an independent inquiry.