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Ecuadorian police hold television reporter for 16 hours

On 15 July 2013, Ivan Casamen a reporter for RTS television station, was detained by a police officer while covering a story on the collapse of a tunnel in Northern Quito. The journalist was held for over 16 hours, while waiting for a hearing. He was then released after paying a fine of US $7, for contempt.

Alberto Casamen, the journalist's father, told Fundamedios that his son had a disagreement with one member of the police force, when he was looking for an adequate place to film, and had crossed a police line. The officer called on Casamen, and after arguing, he took him to the police station. Casamen´s father indicated that he was not allowed to see his son while he was detained, nor bring him food. He could only speak to his attorney while in detention.

Representatives from RTS, the network that Casamen works for, claims to not know the reason behind his detention. Patricio Calero, news coordinator, wrote on his Twitter account @patocalero: “I do not know the official accusation [against Casamen], I have not been able to reach him. I know he had a disagreement with a police officer”.

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