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Examining press freedom across GCC states

Repressive media laws in Gulf Cooperation Countries reflect concerning press freedom trends.

Bahrain’s released political prisoners still deprived of their freedom

A new report reviews the testimonies of released Bahraini activists who continue to face a myriad of violations for their freedom of expression.

Bahrain suppresses demonstrations supporting Palestinians and denouncing the attack on Gaza

Security authorities in Bahrain are still summoning and arresting participants in solidarity marches with Palestine.

Kuwait: Time to achieve justice for the “Bidoon” community

International campaign calls for an end to discriminatory practices and the release of arbitrarily detained activists.

Saudi Arabia: Four executed for their free expression after tortured confessions

This latest execution brings the total number of persons killed to 36 this year alone.

UAE: It’s time to release human rights defender Ahmed Mansoor

Since his imprisonment, Mansoor remains in isolation and continues to be subjected to inhumane conditions, says ADHRB.

Living in Agony: The long-term effects of torture in Bahrain

Victims of torture continue to suffer from their abuse years after their mistreatment.

Saudi Arabia: Escalating use of anti-terrorism and cybercrime laws to stifle free expression

Following US President Biden’s visit, Saudi authorities increased their widespread use of draconian laws to target and retaliate against human rights defenders and dissenting voices.