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Human rights organizations call on Egypt’s government to end internet censorship and website blocking

The undersigned organizations condemn the Egyptian authorities’ blocking of at least 600 websites since May 2017, and the use of vaguely worded laws to legalize the blocking in contradiction of international treaties.

Algeria: Journalist Khaled Drareni sentenced to three years

For his reporting on the Hirak protest movement, journalist Khaled Drareni has been given a three-year sentence in a court ruling condemned by the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information. “I just did my job as an independent journalist,” said Drareni during his trial.

On the deteriorating state of free expression in the Arab world

In its annual report on free expression in the region, the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information examines the myriad of violations dissidents face including arrests, violence, and smear campaigns.

Digital battleground: The Arab World’s struggle for a free Internet continues

In its seventh report on the state of the Internet in the Arab region, the Arab Network for Human Rights Information examines the evolving battle between users and governments for digital rights in the region.

Egypt’s endless jeopardy: How released detainees are re-imprisoned on new charges

IFEX members call for an end to the arbitrary revival of old cases targeting human rights defenders as a mechanism designed to keep them behind bars.

Journalists are disappearing in Houthi-controlled Yemen

As the conflict in Yemen between Houthi forces and the Saudi-Emirati coalition continues, rights groups call for an end to the abduction, torture, and trial of Yemeni journalists.

Facebook is the most surveilled website in Egypt

Due to the state’s almost complete control over traditional media, social media platforms have become the main fora for free discussion of ideas and dissent; Facebook users are now the most prosecuted social media users in Egypt.

People hold signs and cutouts of women incarcerated in Saudi Arabia during an Amnesty International protest outside the Saudi Arabia embassy in Paris, 8 March 2019, PHILIPPE LOPEZ/AFP/Getty Images

Over 50 human rights groups call for immediate release of Saudi rights defenders

Not only are these women activists facing prosecution without due process, they’ve also subjected them to severe torture, including by sexual violence and electrocution.