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Belarus: ‘Novy Chas’ newspaper raided, staff interrogated

‘Novy Chas’ staff have previously been targeted for detention and administrative arrest. And earlier this year, the state-run publications distribution chain Beldruk ended its distribution contract with the newspaper.

Kosovo: Several journalists attacked during riots

Journalists covering riots that broke out in Mitrovica following a police anti-smuggling operation were chased, assaulted and abused by rioters; some had Molotov cocktails or explosive devices thrown at them.

Turkey: New report shows sharp increase in threats against journalists

The Turkish Association of Journalists’ report also shows that the 2nd quarter of 2021 saw 79 press workers standing trial, 18 of whom were tried on charges of “insulting the President”.

Filmmakers badly beaten in Romania whilst making documentary on illegal logging

Two of the victims reportedly lost consciousness as they were transported by emergency services to hospital in Vatra Dornei. All their footage was deleted and the equipment was destroyed by the attackers.

People light flares during a rally by nationalist groups, outside the Office of the President of Ukraine, in Kyiv, 14 August 2021, Anna MarchenkoTASS via Getty Images

Ukraine: Photojournalist Oleksandr Kuzhelny viciously beaten after far-right rally in Kyiv

Kuzhelny was approached by individuals who demanded the removal of photos he had taken during the protest, at which other journalists had also been beaten. They then attacked him, delivering numerous kicks to his head as he lay on the ground.

Two men stand next to a torn poster of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani at the Kabul airport, in Kabul, 16 August 2021, as thousands of people headed to the airport to try to flee, WAKIL KOHSAR/AFP via Getty Images

EFJ calls on European governments to expand refugee visa programmes for Afghan journalists

“We were shocked to learn that some European countries, such as Belgium, were still sending rejected asylum seekers back to Afghanistan… European countries owe assistance to Afghan refugees, including journalists and media workers who have sometimes taken undue risks to inform world opinion.”

Rome, Italy, 6 October 2020. A protest organised by an Italian political party and a Belarusian association in Italy in support of the Belarusian people, and the lack of legitimacy of the result of the 9 August 2020 presidential election, Andrea Ronchini/NurPhoto

Belarus: Free expression groups urge international community to assist victims of crackdown

The European Federation of Journalists, the European Council of Literary Translators’ Associations and the European Writers Council call on the governments of Europe and the international community to support the democracy movement in Belarus and provide refuge and humanitarian assistance to those fleeing the country.

People take part in a protest in support of media freedom after a journalist was sentenced to prison for an article, in Skopje, North Macedonia, 20 January 2015, ROBERT ATANASOVSKI/AFP via Getty Images

North Macedonia: Justice Minister introduces amendments to increase protection of journalists

Authorities will treat cases involving attacks on journalists in the same way as they treat assaults on police officers. There will also be new penalties for assaulting a journalist or a media worker, and online harassment will be criminalised.