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Climate journalists in Europe face harassment and threats

In 2022, several journalists reporting on climate actions or covering related events were prevented from doing their work, insulted, or physically assaulted. One journalist in central Serbia received death threats.

Journalists arrested while covering climate change protests in the UK and Spain

In Spain, two journalists were arrested while filming an action by Futuro Vegetal activists at the Prado Museum in Madrid; in the UK, three journalists were arrested while covering Just Stop Oil protests on the M25 motorway in Hertfordshire.

Forty journalists waiting for justice in Europe

The Council of Europe Platform for the Protection of Journalism has recorded 26 impunity alerts involving 40 journalists: 14 in Kosovo, 6 in Russia, 6 in Ukraine, 6 in Turkey, 2 in Azerbaijan, 1 in Malta, 1 in the UK, 1 in Cyprus, 1 in Slovakia, 1 in Serbia, and 1 in Montenegro.

Italy: Free expression groups call on politicians to take a stand against SLAPPs

“The use of SLAPPs is widespread in Italy. The legal tool most commonly employed to instigate SLAPP cases is defamation, both civil and criminal. However, the right to privacy and the right to be forgotten are also misused to prevent the disclosure of inconvenient information.”

Belarus: Ukrainian journalist Dzianis Ivashyn sentenced to 13 years and one month in prison

The KGB accused Ivashyn of cooperating with Ukrainian intelligence after he investigated the Belarusian police’s recruitment of former Ukrainian riot officers. Ivashyn was charged with “treason” and “interference in the activities of an employee of internal affairs”.

Photographer Javier Bauluz fined under Spain’s controversial ‘Gag Law’

Bauluze is one of many journalists, photographers, and activists who have been fined under the 2015 law for alleged behaviour that endangers the work of law enforcement authorities.

Russia: ‘Novaya Gazeta’ suspends publishing after warnings from state media regulator

The renowned independent newspaper announced it would ease online and print operations until the end of the war in Ukraine after it received a second warning from the state media regulator for allegedly violating the country’s “foreign agent” law.

Ukraine: Journalist Oleg Baturin missing in Kherson region

On 12 March, Baturin left home to meet an acquaintance nearby. Although he promised to return in 20 minutes, he has not been seen since.