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Blogger Salman Al-Khalidi sentenced to additional three years in prison in new case

GCHR calls on authorities to stop targeting Al-Khalidi immediately and to drop all sentences issued against him.

Urgent appeal for justice: Condemning the unjust prosecution of dozens of Emiratis in the UAE

IFEX joins rights groups calling on the UAE to drop politically motivated charges.

UAE: 87 people on trial in new case that could lead to life imprisonment or the death penalty

Authorities unveil new charges on detained human rights activists, during global climate summit.

Iraq: Women journalists ‘under the guillotine’ from media directors’ harassment

Survey finds 41% of women journalists have been victims of some form of harassment.

Ending impunity for crimes against journalists in MENA

GCHR calls for an end to rising attacks and murders of journalists in the region.

Saudi Arabia: Authorities continue to persecute imprisoned human rights defenders and other activists

Death penalty is a risk for anyone who expresses their opinion on social media networks.

Saudi internet activist sentenced to death for tweets

GCHR believes strongly that the death penalty has been used widely as a political tool by the Saudi authorities.

UAE: Release all those unjustly imprisoned before COP28

There are at least 58 people being held past the end of their sentences in the country.