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Nigeria’s fight against impunity given impetus by landmark ruling

A Federal High Court has ordered Nigeria’s government to investigate attacks on reporters, prosecute perpetrators and ensure the safety of journalists.

MRA is concerned by paltry budget for implementation of FOI Act

Media Rights Agenda is calling on the Nigerian government to demonstrate its commitment to the effective implementation of the FOI Act by allocating adequate resources for activities.

ACHPR Special Rapporteur calls for stronger laws to protect HRDs

Commissioner Rémy Lumbu is urging member states to develop, adopt and implement robust laws, policies and programmes for the protection of human rights defenders.

Nigerian Communications Commission demands protection of data

The Nigerian Communications Commission has warned telemarketers that mining data of subscribers for commercial use is prohibited under the country’s regulations.

Nigerian police accused of abusing their powers to silence journalists

Media Rights Agenda asks Nigeria’s inspector general of police to stop public officials and powerful individuals from taking punitive actions against critical journalists.

Demands for a thorough investigation into death of Pelumi Onifade intensify

The MRA, IPC and MFWA have collectively launched a 30-day social media campaign seeking justice for Nigerian journalist Pelumi Onifade, who was shot and killed 3 years ago.

Nigeria’s central bank ordered to pay MRA for denial of information

A Nigerian high court has directed the country’s central bank to provide Media Rights Agenda with the information it requested and pay 1 million naira (US$2,100) in damages.

Nigeria’s Federal High court rules in favour of MRA

Nigeria’s National Broadcasting Commission is prevented from sanctioning broadcasters.