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Lebanon: Independent media and judiciary vital in the path towards justice

Amidst the ongoing pursuit for accountability for the 2020 Beirut Port explosion, rights groups stress the need for an independent judiciary and an independent media delivering accurate information on judicial proceedings.

#FreeAlaa: Rights groups renew calls for the release of Egyptian activist Alaa Abdel Fattah

Abdel Fattah has been held in pre-trial detention for the past two years and continues to face dehumanizing conditions in prison.

The Egyptian Health Minister (L) gives a press conference, accompanied by a doctor and a medical staff member in a tent set up outside a hospital, in Ismailia, Egypt, 24 January 2021, KHALED DESOUKI/AFP via Getty Images

Egypt: Fake news and Coronavirus trials

A wave of arrests during the country’s COVID-19 health crisis has seen journalists, doctors, and social media users falsely accused of disseminating misinformation about the pandemic, reports SMEX.

During a protest, a reporter uses a cell phone to film the scene by a security forces' barricade near the parliament, Beirut, Lebanon, 18 January 2020, ANWAR AMRO/AFP via Getty Images

Lebanon: How vague laws have facilitated device seizures

A new report from SMEX examines the vague legal framework of device seizures in Lebanon that security agencies have exploited to target protesters in violation of their privacy rights.

Open letter to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube: Stop silencing critical voices from the Middle East and North Africa

On the 10th anniversary of the Arab Spring, activists, journalists, and rights organizations voice frustration and dismay at how platform policies and content moderation procedures all too often lead to the silencing and erasure of critical voices from marginalized and oppressed communities across the region.

Objectionable speech: New report on the state of online free expression in Lebanon

In a new report analysing online freedom of expression in Lebanon, Social Media Exchange (SMEX) highlight the various authorities and factors that continue to restrict free expression.

A Lebanese woman tries to connect to the internet without success at a cafe in Beirut, 5 July 2012, JOSEPH EID/AFP/GettyImages

SMEX launches Muhal, its freedom of expression-related case online database

Muhal is SMEX’s ongoing, evidence-based campaign to document detentions and arrests related to online freedom of speech in Lebanon.

A school boy looks at a burning barricade during a shutdown demonstration in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, 14 January 2019, after the president announced a more than a 100% hike in fuel prices, ZINYANGE AUNTONY/AFP/Getty Images

#KeepitOn: Joint letter on keeping the internet open and secure in Zimbabwe

More than 170 organizations from over 60 countries that make up the #KeepitOn Coalition reacted to a reported internet shutdown in Zimbabwe.