Confessed perpetrator of attack on Jineth Bedoya will no longer be investigated

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Colombian legislature passes anti-corruption bill that threatens press freedom

Colombian President Iván Duque should veto a portion of the anti-corruption bill that threatens press freedom. Article 221A of the bill empowers judges to suspend or cancel the legal status of any organization whose members defame or slander any active or former government official.

“Physical, sexual and psychological torture of Jineth Bedoya could not have been carried out without the collaboration of the State”: IACtHR ruling

The Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IACtHR) issued a historic ruling in the case of journalist Jineth Bedoya Lima against Colombia, in which it analyzes for the first time the use of sexual violence as a form of silencing and control against a woman journalist in the context of the Colombian armed conflict.

Colombian journalist Marcos Efraín Montalvo shot and killed

Colombian authorities must thoroughly investigate the killing of journalist Marcos Efraín Montalvo, determine if he was targeted for his work, and bring those responsible to justice.