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Journalists and activist missing in East Timor

(AJI/IFEX) - Following the imposition of martial law in East Timor, some
Indonesians, including journalists, have been reported missing. They are
people who decided not to leave East Timor when the worsening situation
followed the announcement of the ballot results. Missing are:

1. Peter Rohe, a journalist with the Jakarta based "Suara Bangsa" daily. He
is one of a very small number of journalists who decided to stay when most
journalists left East Timor because of the extremely unsafe situation after
the announcement of the ballot. The last contact between him and his editor
was made on the morning of Tuesday 7 September. Since then, no contact can
be made and telecommunications in East Timor are controlled by the military
who hold power since martial law was imposed.

2. Tri Agus Siswowohardjo, 33, a former political prisoner, head of the
Monitoring Division of KIPER (the independent monitoring body of the East
Timor ballot), member of AJI, stringer for some media

3. Joaquim Rohi, stringer for some media

4. Mindho Rajagoekgoek, 34, stringer for Radio Nederland

5. Yeni Rosa Damayanti, 34, a woman activist who was jailed during the
Soeharto era and lived in exile for years until Soeharto's resignation. She
is the public relations manager for Solidamor (solidarity for peace in East
Timor), and coordinator for KIPER.

6. Adi Pratomo, 28, head of KIPER's operational division, student at the
National University, Jakarta.

7. Anthoy Listianto, KIPER volunteer, assigned in Manufahi.

8. Yakob Rumbiak, a Papuan, a former political prisoner, served thirteen
years in prison, volunteer for KIPER in Viqueque. The last contact Solidamor
had with him was on the morning of Tuesday 7 September.

All of them are missing and, according to some reports, they were captured
by the military. The AJI is calling for solidarity action in their support.

Recommended Action

Send appeals to authorities:
  • expressing your concern over the missing journalists and activists

    Appeals To

    President Burhanuddin Jusuf Habibie
    President of the Republic of Indonesia
    Istana Negara
    Gedung Binagraha
    Jl. Veteran
    Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia
    Fax: +62 21 345 7782
    Telegram: President Habibie, Jakarta, Indonesia
    E-mail: [email protected]

    Ali Alatas S.H
    Indonesian Minister for Foreign Affairs
    Menteri Luar Negeri
    Jl. Medan Taman Pejambon No. 6
    Jakarta, Indonesia
    Fax: +62 21 360 541 / 360 517 / 380 5511 / 345 7782 / 724 5354

    General Wiranto
    Indonesian Minister of Defence Forces
    Menteri Pertahanan Keamanan RI
    Jl. Medan Merdeka Barat No 13-14
    Jakarta 10110, Indonesia
    Tel: +62 21 366 184
    Fax: +62 21 3845 178

    Colonel Mohamed Noer Muis
    Resort Military Command (Korem)
    Markas Korem 164/Wiradharma
    Dili, East Timor
    Fax: +62 390 321 624
    Telegram: Colonel Muis, East Timor (Indonesia)

    Major General Kiki Syahnakri
    Commander-in-chief of state of military emergency of East Timor
    Pangdam IX/Udayana
    Markas Besar KODAM IX/Udayana
    Denpasar, Bali
    Tel: +62 361 228 095
    Telegram: Pangdam IX/Udayana, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

    Basilio Araujo
    Militia leader
    Dili, East Timor
    Mob: +62 811 384 631
    Mob: +62 812 919 7696
    Tel: +62 390 321 616

    Eurico Guterres
    Militia leader
    Dili, East Timor
    Mob: +62 812 846 627
    Tel: +62 390 312 061
    Mob: +62 812 422 45679

    João Tavares
    Militia leader
    East Timor
    Mob: +62 0894 91280

    Moh. Yunus Yosfiah
    Minister of Information
    Tel: +62 21 384 1972
    Fax: +62 21 384 9336

    Please copy appeals to the source if possible.

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