Guatemalan journalist shot dead

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“I will get out of here eventually”: A conversation with journalist and political prisoner José Rubén Zamora

The imprisoned founder of “El Periódico”, which made its name by exposing corruption in the country’s ruling classes, is awaiting a new trial on money-laundering charges that press freedom groups call politically motivated.

Guatemala: RSF advocacy mission highlights urgent need for the release of Jose Rubén Zamora as a priority for the new government

The imprisonment of journalist and founder of the newspaper ‘elPeriódico’, Jose Rubén Zamora – also a 2023 laureate of RSF’s Press Freedom Prize – has become a flagrant and unavoidable emblem of the press freedom situation in Guatemala.

Embattled Guatemalan publisher Zamora dragged back into court on obstruction of justice charges

The imprisonment of José Rubén Zamora is becoming an unavoidable imperative for the new government of Bernardo Arévalo.