In milestone decision, Senate backs federalizing of anti-press crimes

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Mexico: IPI condemns killing of journalist Víctor Alonso Morales Culebro

International civil society organization Article 19, which reported his death, believes recent articles by Morales Culebro could have put him at risk.

Twelve years: No justice for Mexican journalist Regina Martínez

April 28 marks 12 years since Mexican investigative journalist Regina Martínez Pérez was beaten and strangled to death in her home. Authorities have failed to credibly solve the murder. The IPI global network calls for justice.

Mexico has made no progress on protecting journalists during AMLO’s six years as president

In the run-up to Mexico’s general elections on 2 June, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) urges all of the candidates to finally commit to concrete measures to protect journalists and combat impunity.