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Supreme Military Court overturns Filipovic sentence

(ANEM/IFEX) - The following is a 10 October 2000 ANEM press release:

Supreme Military Court overturns Filipovic sentence

BELGRADE, September 10, 2000 - The Association of Independent Electronic Media salutes today's decision by the Supreme Military Court to overturn the seven year prison sentence passed on Kraljevo journalist Miroslav Filipovic earlier this year.

The Court overturned Filipovic's conviction for espionage and the dissemination of false information, returning the verdict to the Nis Military Court for reconsideration. The court said its ruling was based on the violation of legal proceedings in the original trial and
ordered that Filipovic be released from prison immediately.

While supporting the decision of the Supreme Military Court, ANEM is concerned that the indictment against Filipovic is still valid and calls on the Military Prosecutor in Nis to withdraw the indictment in accordance with his authorisation.

ANEM thanks all individuals and organisations who have joined the campaign for Miroslav Filipovic to be released and hopes that the democratic processes now launched in our society will see an end to the practice of suppressing free public expression and unbiased investigative reporting along with pressure on journalists and media, particularly in the form of prison sentences and threats of criminal prosecution.

Veran Matic

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