Twitter users accused of terrorism in Veracruz

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Mexican journalist Alfredo Cardoso Echevarría abducted and killed in Acapulco

Mexican authorities must immediately investigate the killing of journalist Alfredo Cardoso Echevarría and determine whether he was targeted because of his work as a journalist.

Mexican journalist Manuel González Reyes shot dead in Cuernavaca

Mexican authorities must immediately and thoroughly investigate the killing of journalist Manuel González Reyes, determine whether he was targeted for his work, and hold those responsible to account.

A woman lights a candle during a protest in demand for justice for the murder of Mexican journalist Jacinto Romero Flores, in Orizaba, Veracruz, 19 August 2021, VICTORIA RAZO/AFP via Getty Images

Mexican journalist Jacinto Romero shot and killed in Veracruz

According to multiple news reports, journalist Jacinto Romero Flores had reported having received threats via WhatsApp from a local police officer. Those reports did not specify the substance of those threats.