Violence against journalists and impunity a constant in Haiti

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‘Powerful enemies’: Did a prosecutor order the murder of Haitian journalist Garry Tesse?

The investigation into the death of radio journalist Garry Tesse has languished, leading his family and friends to accuse the government of a cover-up to protect the man who is in charge of prosecuting the crime.

At least 5 journalists injured during anti-government protests in Haiti

Tensions had been rising in Haiti ahead of February 7, the day that new presidents are traditionally sworn in. Elections that Henry promised would take place in 2023 were not held. Haiti has not had a president since Jovenel Moïse was assassinated in 2021.

Haitian press leaves behind a less deadly year, but remains in grave danger

In 2023, the Haitian press was a victim of crimes, kidnappings, and multiple threats.