Ailing magazine editor Raymond Malonga remains in detention

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Military police escort the military governor of North Kivu province, northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo, 10 May 2021, ALEXIS HUGUET/AFP via Getty Images

DRC journalist Barthelemy Kubanabandu Changamuka murdered

Congolese broadcast journalist Barthelemy Kubanabandu Changamuka was shot eight times and killed just minutes after being on air.

Police officers stop supporters of President Denis Sassou Nguesso from following his vehicle, at the end of his last presidential election campaign rally, in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo, 19 March 2021, ALEXIS HUGUET/AFP via Getty Images

Congo-Brazzaville journalist sentenced on WPFD

Having spent 3 months in detention, ailing journalist and editor Raymond Malonga was sentenced to a further 3 months on charges of defamation.

A campaign poster of Congo's re-elected President Denis Sassou Nguesso is pictured outside the headquarters of the ruling Congolese Labor Party (PCT) in Brazzaville, 23 March 2021, ALEXIS HUGUET/AFP via Getty Images

Joint call for Brazzaville journalist’s release

Calls grow louder for the release of ailing Congo-Brazzaville journalist Raymond Malonga who has been in prison since February 2021.