Azerbaijan crackdown on media becomes dramatically more brutal

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Azerbaijan: Journalist and her daughter threatened over trial coverage

On 8 May, freelance journalist Ayten Mammadova was threatened by a knife-wielding man in the elevator of her apartment block. The man demanded that she stop writing about a trial she was covering, and warned that if she didn’t he would ‘deal’ with her daughter.

A police officer checks a man's permission to be on the street under measures implemented to fight Covid-19, Baku, Azerbaijan, 14 December 2020; Gambarov had commented on the mismanagement of the pandemic in Gandabay region. Aziz Karimov/Getty Images

Azerbaijan: Journalist reports assault by official and is jailed

Zaur Gambarov was sentenced to three and a half years in prison on 28 February over an altercation at a branch of the social security department, where he had gone on 4 May 2020 to investigate a complaint.

Azerbaijani journalist Arzu Geybulla targeted in online harassment campaign

Geybulla has been unjustly accused of betraying her country for taking a measured and journalistic stance in the face of the recent armed conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia.