Court upholds fine against “Frontpage Africa” newspaper in libel case

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West Africa: Disruption of media through physical attacks

Over the course of the last 5 months eight media houses in four countries have been attacked, in instances where 13 journalists and media workers have been assaulted and equipment destroyed.

A general view of the House of Representatives, in Monrovia, Liberia, 27 September 2017, CRISTINA ALDEHUELA/AFP via Getty Images

Liberian MP orders police to arrest journalist

Despite identifying himself as a journalist, Nyantee Togba was arrested on the orders of Representative Hanson Kiazolu whilst covering a demonstration outside the legislator’s home.

A man gestures by an electoral poster for candidates from the Unity Party, at a market in Monrovia, Liberia, 13 October 2017, CRISTINA ALDEHUELA/AFP via Getty Images

Opposition politician facing serious charges for Facebook posts

Mo Ali, the secretary-general of Liberia’s former ruling party, is charged with “arson, criminal mischief, and attempted murder”, for two of his Facebook posts.