IFJ concerned for journalist’s safety
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Andrej Plenkovic, Prime Minister of Croatia, speaks at the European Council during a two day EU summit in Brussels, Belgium, 14 December 2018, Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Politicians, public figures and corporations have filed over 1,100 lawsuits against journalists with the intention of intimidating them into self-censorship.

Photographs of Interior Minister Berislav Roncevic (L) and journalist Dusan Miljus are displayed during a protest in Zagreb, 6 June 2008, REUTERS/Nikola Solic

The brutal assault on Croatian investigative journalist Dušan Miljuš, nearly a decade ago, remains unsolved and the civil rights group pursuing it, the Partnership for Social Development, is concerned that trying to reopen this attempted murder case could be a provocation that would further endanger the journalist.

Saša Leković, president of the Croatian Journalists' Association, SEENPM

Ever since he became president of the Croatian Journalists’ Association (HND) in 2015, Saša Leković,has received numerous threats, including death threats. He has also been the target of hate speech campaigns both online and offline