International community calls for the release of VICE fixer Mohammed Ismael Rasool

This article is more than 8 years old

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Turkey: Big tech platforms should protect online expression ahead of municipal elections

“As important country-wide local elections loom, the Turkish authorities are once again intensifying efforts to control social media platforms through use of the restrictive internet law, demanding the blocking of content critical of the government.”

Turkish authorities must thoroughly investigate shooting of journalist Azim Deniz

“Impunity in violence against journalists inevitably results in even more violence and a less informed public everywhere, every time. It’s never too late to improve Turkey’s impunity track record for crimes committed against the news media” – CPJ

Turkish journalist arrested for reporting on corruption trial of judiciary members

Furkan Karabay was jailed pending trial on the suspicion of “making targets of those who were tasked to combat terrorism” and defamation.