Police raid internet café, damage newspaper’s server

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Russian occupiers cloned a regional Ukrainian newspaper to promote propaganda

Russian invaders distributed a clone of “Ridne Prybuzhzhia” in Mykolaiv oblast to promote a pseudo-referendum on the accession of Kherson oblast and Snigurivka, Mykolayiv oblast, to Russia.

Opposition politician sentenced to 8.5 years in prison for criticising Russian atrocities in Ukraine

The prosecution brought charges of disseminating “false information” about Russian armed forces “motivated by political hatred” against Ilya Yashin for speaking out via social media about Russian atrocities in Bucha. Yashin was also banned from using the internet for an additional four years.

Report exposes Putin’s war on Ukrainian culture

“Culture – past, present, and future – is on the front lines of the brutal war on Ukraine and cultural erasure is a central tactic of Russia’s campaign of aggression and violence in Ukraine, which has gone on for over eight years.”