Radio stations taken off air for hosting opposition leader
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A doctor and patient in Bweyale medical center, northern Uganda, 2 March 2016, Godong/UIG via Getty Images

The detained BBC journalists say they were working on an investigation into the alleged sale of government drugs on the black market.

People listen to the radio as the results of the Uganda presidential elections are announced in a Kampala suburb, 20 February 2016, ISAAC KASAMANI/AFP/Getty Images

Uganda’s Unity FM radio station was raided by heavily armed police personnel and military officers, taken off air and 6 of their journalists were arrested for allegedly inciting violence.

View to the Palace to the Parliament of the Kingdom of Bundaga, in Uganda, 25 October 2017, ilf_/Flickr, Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)

A hit list with the names of 12 journalists and reasons why they should be killed was sent to the offices of the South Buganda Journalists Association (SOBUJA) in Uganda.