Tajik authorities should release activist Nizomiddin Nasriddinov and drop charges against him

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Tajikistan bans ‘Pamir Daily News’ as “extremist organization”

“Tajik authorities’ move to ban ‘Pamir Daily News’ and smear it as ‘extremist’ is a sadly predictable step in the ongoing criminalization of all coverage of the government’s human rights abuses.” – CPJ

Legal claims of the Ministry of Culture against Azattyk should be relinquished

The closure of Azattyk Media will entail not only a restriction of freedom of speech and pluralism in the mass media, but also a restriction of citizens’ rights to access information.

Tajikistan: Journalist Abdusattor Pirmuhammadzoda sentenced to 7 years in prison

During a closed-door trial Pirmuhammadzoda was found guilty of participation in an opposition political organisation banned as extremist. In October, Pirmuhammadzoda said that officers had tortured him to make him sign a false confession.