The Magnitsky Act: An alternative form of justice, but not a replacement for it

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Content governance in times of crisis: How platforms can protect human rights

ARTICLE 19 has contributed to Access Now’s initiative, jointly with Mnemonic, the Center for Democracy and Technology, JustPeace Labs, Digital Security Lab Ukraine, the Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law and the Myanmar Internet Project to develop a Declaration of Principles for content and platform governance in times of crisis.

Ten recommendations for Elon Musk

The Forum on Information and Democracy (initiated by RSF) makes ten recommendations to social media platforms with a view to defending journalism, the right to information and users’ rights.

A human rights guide for reporters covering the FIFA World Cup in Qatar

Ahead of the World Cup, Human Rights Watch’s new report summarises Qatar’s human rights problems; it also describes FIFA’s human rights policies and how the global football governing body can more effectively address serious violations in the country.