Tunisia charges editor with complicity in Sousse terrorist attack

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Tunisia: Rights groups condemn escalating attacks on journalists

Rights groups condemn continued incitement by opposition figures for foreign intervention into the country’s affairs, and the unabated attacks on journalists.

Tunisia: Repressive policies and arbitrary restrictions on freedoms

In recent weeks, three parliament members have been imprisoned for speech offenses, and at least 50 Tunisians have been placed under arbitrary house arrests, including former officials, a judge, and three lawmakers.

Tunisian journalists wear red ribbons around their arms to protest press freedom violations, in Tunis, 2 February 2018, Chedly Ben Ibrahim/NurPhoto

Tunisia: Rights groups call on President Kais Saied to respect free expression and the press

Reforming the democratic process will be doomed to failure if Tunisians are muzzled and journalists are denied the right to ethically and professionally do their job, say Tunisian rights groups.