Venezuela must present evidence or release U.S. filmmaker

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IFEX-ALC expresses solidarity with journalist Roberto Deniz and the web portal

IFEX-ALC expresses its solidarity with Roberto Deniz and the investigative journalism portal, as both are being subjected to harassment and judicial persecution.

An employee at the offices of "El Nacional" newspaper, Caracas, Venezuela, 14 June 2019, FEDERICO PARRA/AFP via Getty Images

Venezuelan authorities seize headquarters of “El Nacional” as damages in defamation suit

Venezuelan authorities should ensure that civil defamation suits cannot be abused to censor news outlets, and should return “El Nacional”’s headquarters to its owners immediately.

Civil society organizations declare their resounding rejection and demand the repeal of the new registration measure for terrorism and other crimes in Venezuela

The NGOs of civil society express our resounding rejection of new Administrative Ruling 001-2021 for the Unified Registry of Obligated Subjects before the National Office Against Organized Crime and Terrorism Financing