Violence at event in Kyrgyzstan targets rights of LGBT persons

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Civil society organisations voice concern over Kyrgyzstan’s assault on free expression and independent media

Recent legislative changes, an increase in the harassment of independent media outlets, and a series of attacks on journalists reveal an alarming trend of shrinking press freedoms. Kyrgyzstan is urged to reverse this pattern and create an enabling environment conducive to media freedom and civic space.

Journalists in Central Asia under pressure to not ‘offend’ Russia in coverage of Ukraine war

The authorities in several Central Asian states have warned news outlets to tone down their coverage of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, or ignore it entirely.

Kyrgyzstan: Independent news website investigated for alleged “war propaganda”

The prosecutor general’s office has announced a criminal investigation into after it republished an article, originally published by a Tajik news website, concerning a recent clash at the disputed border between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.