Website suffers hacker attack after posting interview with murdered rights activist

This article is more than 12 years old

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Russia in 2022: “Repression on an unprecedented scale”

In 2022, Russia saw more than 21,000 arrests and at least 370 defendants in criminal cases for anti-war speech; more than 200,000 internet resources blocked; and 11 sentences in cases of state treason.

Russia designates Andrei Sakharov Foundation as “undesirable”

“By labelling the foundation ‘undesirable,’ the Kremlin is also ostracizing Sakharov’s legacy and, essentially, all the human rights defenders, independent journalists, activists, pro-democracy scientists, and cultural figures associated with it in Russia” – HRW

Russian occupiers cloned a regional Ukrainian newspaper to promote propaganda

Russian invaders distributed a clone of “Ridne Prybuzhzhia” in Mykolaiv oblast to promote a pseudo-referendum on the accession of Kherson oblast and Snigurivka, Mykolayiv oblast, to Russia.