Every day, citizens, journalists, artists and activists are harassed, tortured and killed for expressing themselves.

In the majority of these cases, no one is punished. We’re working to change this.

The shocking facts about the problem of impunity:

journalists and media workers have been killed since 2006.

9 out of 10 cases go unpunished and see perpetrators walk free.


organisations that make up the IFEX network are committed to ending impunity.

End Impunity, Free Expression!

Imagine a world without impunity, where everyone is free to exercise their right to freedom of expression and information and able to access, generate and share ideas and information in any way they choose, without fear.

We do.

Recent Articles on Impunity

Guterres’ low-key approach to human rights may have been calculated to avoid conflicts with big powers like the United States, Russia, China, and Saudi Arabia. But human rights groups and former senior UN officials have criticised it for being ineffectual.

“There is every reason to believe that Chechen authorities are behind this vile attack,” said Human Rights Watch. “For more than a decade, they have been wielding a war on human rights defenders, jailing them, destroying their offices, and forcing them to leave Chechnya.”

Latin America was the region with the highest number of murdered media workers (18), followed by Asia-Pacific (12). Africa (9), the Middle East (8) and Europe (2). Mexico was the deadliest country.