Clampdown on journalists in Comoros amid political crisis
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An officer stands in front of campaign posters of incumbent Comoros President and Presidential Candidate Azali Assoumani, in Moroni, 25 March 2019, GIANLUIGI GUERCIA/AFP/Getty Images

Abdallah Abdou Hassane and Oubeidillah Mchangama, two journalists working for critical online news outlet FCBK FM, were arrested and are facing multiple charges. They have pleaded not guilty.

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Ahmed Abdul Khaleq is currently being held in Abu Dhabi’s Al-Wathba prison, but is due to be deported to Comoros under a 2009 agreement between the United Arab Emirates and the Indian Ocean island nation.

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“Any state media journalist who wants the freedom to write or speak has to conform to the government line, or have the intellectual honesty to work elsewhere, for a privately-owned news outlet,” the minister said.