Growing persecution of farmers’ rights activists

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Prominence of Central Asian states on HRC is an opportunity for change

For the first time, three countries from Central Asia will be members of the UN HRC. Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan – each of which has serious human rights concerns – will join the other 44 members at this year’s opening session on 27 February.

Journalists in Central Asia under pressure to not ‘offend’ Russia in coverage of Ukraine war

The authorities in several Central Asian states have warned news outlets to tone down their coverage of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, or ignore it entirely.

Uzbekistan: Blogger gets 7.5 years in prison for Facebook post

Fazilhoja Arifhojaev was convicted of threatening public security by reposting and commenting on a social media post that had questioned whether it was appropriate for a Muslim to congratulate non-Muslims on their religious holidays.