UN Submission: Addressing online threats to the safety of women journalists

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HRC52: Joint oral statement on cultural rights and migration

IFEX joins over 180 groups and individuals in urging member states to recognise the critical role of migrant artists in advancing human rights, and to provide accessible asylum policies, comprehensive protection programs and proactive, inclusive cultural policies.

New report: Global freedom declines for the 17th consecutive year

“Infringement on freedom of expression has long been a key driver of global democratic decline. Over the last 17 years, the number of countries and territories that receive a score of 0 out of 4 on the report’s media freedom indicator has ballooned from 14 to 33” – Freedom House

RSF’s Operation Collateral Freedom provides access to more than 80 blocked sites in 24 countries

Launched in 2015 to combat online media censorship, Operation Collateral Freedom is currently enabling access to blocked sites in 24 countries around the world, including Russia, Belarus, China, Myanmar and several African countries including Togo and Mali.