Call for Kazakh poet to be moved from solitary confinement

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Journalists in Central Asia under pressure to not ‘offend’ Russia in coverage of Ukraine war

The authorities in several Central Asian states have warned news outlets to tone down their coverage of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, or ignore it entirely.

Kazakhstan: Protesters were arbitrarily detained and tortured during recent unrest

Kazakh authorities should immediately end all arbitrary arrests, including by releasing those still in custody, put a stop to all beatings and mistreatment of detainees, and halt the arbitrary prosecutions of peaceful protestors and activists for the exercise of their civil and political rights.

Kazakhstan: Five suspects detained in connection to attempted murder of journalist Amangeldy Batyrbekov

On 19 January, police detained five people, including two men who allegedly were hired to execute the killing, two coordinators of the attack, and the alleged mastermind – a local education department chief, implicated by Batyrbekov in a corruption scandal.