Rights groups call on new Secretary General of the CoE to make press freedom a priority

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Statement on the human rights crisis in Belarus at the 48th Session of the Human Rights Council

ARTICLE 19, Access Now, IFEX, International Media Support and PEN America’s full statement during the interactive dialogue on the interim oral update of OHCHR on the situation of human rights in Belarus at the 48th Session of the Human Rights Council.

Russia: ARTICLE 19 calls on Google and Apple to fight election-related censorship

After authorities order Apple and Google to remove the ‘Navalny’ mobile app from their online stores in Russia, ARTICLE 19 urges the tech giants to challenge blocking and removal orders.

How the European Commission can improve the credibility, inclusiveness and impact of the Rule of Law Report

Civil society recommendations to the Commission stress the need for a) a more inclusive and transparent methodology for the meaningful participation of non-governmental stakeholders, b) a review of the report methodology to consider all rule of law issues, and c) ways to strengthen the potential of the reports’ impact.